Comparison of Multi-Protocol Instant Messengers

There are many instant messaging clients present and most of the people hold an account in multiple instant messaging services. It is not a good idea to use individual client for each of the instant messaging service instead you can use some of the multiple protocol instant messaging clients. Using this multiple protocol instant messaging clients you can manage all your instant messaging accounts under one application.

You can login and use the client like you do on any of the IM application. Most of these clients also offer social networking such that you can stay connected to the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., from the application. They are very easy to use and you can login into multiple accounts in the same service using these clients.

Be sure to stay connected with all your friends on various networks using these free multi-protocol IM clients.  Here are some of the popular multi protocol IM clients are being compared based on the features available.

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Comparison of Tools for Syncing Files across Machines and accessing them in Your Mobile

file-sync_picYou may be using different computer in your office and home or you may be using your laptop and desktop to work. So accessing the same files on different system and keeping them updated at same time is a hug task which takes lot of time and effort. But now with the file sync software’s you can do it on the fly. You can be sure that all the files that you work with will be up to date such that changes made in one system are automatically up dated in the other systems.

Some of these File sync software’s will also allow you to access these files on your mobile phone such that you can view or even edit files on the move and anywhere you are. Some of these software’s will also provide online backup service so you can be sure that all your work is safe.

Here is the comparison of some of File Sync software’s which allow you to sync files across machines (Windows and Mac, even mobile phones) and you can access these file on your mobile device such that you can share and present them anywhere you want.

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Comparison of Desktop Search Applications

Desktop search is one of the important things to be considered in any operating system. The search tool that comes with the operating systems has some limitations. So there are many third party desktop search applications that allow you to overcome such limitations and allow you to search for the files and folders quickly.

These desktop search tools will create an index database such that when you search for a file it can be retrieved quickly and easily. They also assist you in finding emails, attachments and perform many other functions. You can also use these applications to organize files without the need of moving the original file from its location on the disk.

Here are some of the best desktop search applications compared to give you a quick overview about the applications.

Search Application/ Properties Google Desktop Windows Search Yahoo! Desktop Search InSight
Price Free Free Free Free
Operating System Windows, Mac and Linux Windows Windows Windows
File Indexing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Indexing Yes Yes Yes No
Quick Find Yes Yes Yes Yes
Image Search Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gadget or plug-ins support Yes Yes Yes No
Browser Support Yes Yes No No
Network Support Yes Yes Yes No
Advanced Search Options Yes Yes Yes Yes
Archive file type support Yes Yes Yes NA
Special Features Sidebar holds number of gadgets which increases its functionality.

You can choose to search in hidden files and folders.

Easily manage search items.

Features one click move, copy, burn or delete functionality

Patented feature fast as you type search.

Searches for emails, attachments and online archived files

Refine search system.

Faster file search and support for Wikipedia.

Preview search items easily

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Comparison of URL Shortening Services


With the emergence of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc., URL shortening services also have developed. Sites like Twitter allow users to tweet short messages with limited characters; sharing long URL is a bit problematic. URL shortening services allow you to shorten long URL so by saving characters to post personal message. Some of these services can also be used to redirect links. If you are stuck with a bad URL then you can change these links with these services such that it will be easy to remember and share.

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6 Sites to Compare Flight Prices in India


Finding the flight service that offers cheep flight charges then other services is really difficult. Most of the time the flight charges keep on changing and due the heavy competition between the flights services you will find change in flight charges if you are flying in the same route again.

To avoid confusion and to book the flight tickets easily and at the least price possible you can do some research on the Internet? Otherwise you can look at these sites that enable you to book cheep flight tickets well in advance and you can also see all the available services between two points on a particular day. Most of the sites also offer other services in addition to ticket booking like hotel booking, trains, etc., making things easier to you. These are some of the top sites in India that help you to plan and book flight tickets and also give price comparison of various flight services.

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