Best Utility to Track Your Budget on Desktop

No matter how much you earn, most of the people lose track of how much they spend at the end of the month. Planning budget ahead can save you a lot and you will have complete information on where your money is flowing.

BudgetTrakker is the best desktop application to use for budget planning. It is a cross-platform application which runs on Adobe Air platform. It can be used for both personal and business use to manage your finance with ease. This application even lets you to manage your loans and credit cards payments to avoid late fee charges.


You can create different accounts to manage you income, expenditure, utilities, etc., in one place. It can display a summary of all your accounts to calculate income and expenditure, and the difference. You can do all this with just few keyboard press and few mouse clicks. Over and above to all these features the best part of this application is it is completely free.