Think: Lets You Focus on One Application You Want to

apple-logoOperating systems are growing stronger and now can handle many applications at a time. Multitasking is something that we people are doing for many years. Have you ever noticed that most of the applications like chat windows, web browsers, etc., want to draw your attention while you are working on other application? This can be very distracting to continue work on the application this is a real problem if you are working on a code.

There is not much done by the Operating system to deal with this problem as such. Think is one such application that will hide all other applications which you do not want to concentrate for the movement and shows you only the application that you want to. It is very easy to use this application it is very little and uses very less system resources to work.


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Flickr Releases App Garden to Download or Create Applications

flickr_logoFlickr the most loved photo sharing site now has released new feature called App Garden. Using this service any Flickr user can create applications using Flickr API. You can also find and download many useful Flickr applications developed by other Flickr users in this site. So now anyone can develop application to present Flickr public content to others in impressing and new way as they like.


Any developer can showcase their creation in App Garden to let other Flickr users know about it. For creating an application using Flickr API you need to request for an API key. There is an option to get a commercial or non-commercial API key to include it in your application.

Once you have got your API key you can proceed developing your application using Flickr API. You must follow Flickr community Guidelines, API terms and conditions and Yahoo! terms of services to develop your application.

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5 Windows 7 Applications to Work Faster

windows-7-logoWindows 7 is packed with full of latest features and security updates to make it much user friendly and secure. But most of us got very much used with earlier Windows versions like XP and Vista. It takes some time to adjust with the new looks and features of Windows 7 during which you can lose your productivity. To overcome this problem and also to make your productivity move up these are some five best applications you can try.

CSMenu Launcher

Windows 7 has a completely new start menu option and it looks completely different from XP or Vista. If you are very much used to the classic menu style of Windows XP or Vista you can get this style on Windows 7 by using CSMenu. This is a Windows 7 only application which will allow you to access programs in start menu like before. All that you have to do is install this application and pin the CSMenuLauncher.exe file to taskbar to start using. Now you can see two start menu buttons side by side on the task bar.


When you click on the newly installed start button you will see start menu in classic windows 2000 style which you have been using for years. This can help you easily navigate through start menu and launch programs you wish to. Although windows 7 start menu is not bad but requires just time to adjust with. You can use Windows 7 start button in mean while to get used to it when you are not in hurry.


To open or look for a folder on your computer previously you should open My Computer and select the drive and look for the folder to open. You think this is a very long process if you have used StandaloneStack. This little Widget for Windows 7 allows you to browse folders on your computer right on your desktop or on any screen.


This is a very simple widget to use when you have finished installing this application you can set your preference in the settings option. Now you can StanaloneStack widget button in the taskbar so by clicking on it you can see the contents on the set folder directly on the screen.

Cool thing about this application is you can also look into subfolders easily. It can also play video preview of video files you can set from where the video preview as to start in the settings options. Also use custom icons, set options to arrange icons and many more.

Gmail Notifier plus


Gmail has millions of users and if you are one of them and running windows 7 on your computer then this widget is for you. Using this widget you can many useful and quick controls of Gmail a click away. It not only alert you when you have received a new mail in your inbox but also give you subject preview when you hover over the icon in the taskbar.

You can also launch Gmail inbox in your browser with a click on directly open compose window from the menu. It also allows you to view any individual mail in your inbox directly and with ease. Gmail notifier plus is a Windows 7 only application.


Firefox is the most preferred and default web browser for millions of users all over the world. Winfox gives you quick and easy access to your Firefox web browser right from Windows 7 taskbar.


Just pin this application to your windows 7 taskbar and you can launch new Firefox windows, open new tabs and also drag and drop web pages to mark them as favorite. You can see your favorite web pages in the menu it even displays their favicons for easy recognition.


Ninite is the best and first application you have to look for immediately after installing Windows 7 operating system on your computer. This is a very cool web 2.0 and application that can install multiple applications on your system at once. All that you have to do is visit its web site and choose the applications that you want to install from the list.


All the listed software’s in this site are either free or open source applications so it is completely legal to use. Then download the Ninite installer and run the .exe file to start installing selected applications. Not even Ninite will be installed on your machine you do not even have to click or do anything during the installation process. You can know more about Ninite here.

Install Multiple Software at Once with Ninite

If you have formatted your system or upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 then you need to install all the applications you want again. Installing one software after another can be time consuming and tedious process. What if you can install all your favorite software’s at once without or with minimal human interference. Ninite is a free online resource using which you can select and install multiple software’s at once easily. It will not install any third party tools like browser toolbars, etc not even Ninite will be installed on your system. It will directly download latest versions of the software’s you have selected and install them automatically.

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GeekTool: Display Information you want on Mac OS 10.5 Desktop

GeekTool is a small Preference Pane application that allows you to display information you want on your Mac OS 10.5 desktop. Every geek wants to customize his computer the way he likes it. With the help of GeekTool you can now display shell script output, space available on your disk, up-time, images, etc., easily. It is a free application and you can also download source code if you want to customize it.


The interface of GeekTool is very simple and so you can make your choices quickly. The shell tool mode of this application allows you to monitor up-time, file systems, your computer load, etc. This is the most powerful and interesting mode in GeekTool.


File Plug-in helps you to display operating system activity in real time with /var/log/system.log or you can choose to follow any file you like. You can monitor your iTunes, ip addresses and many more. You can also customize the way font size, color and style look in the window frame.

You can display images of your family or about anything float on your screen. This is what makes GeekTool very special. You can choose to have any file floating on your screen and you can also choose to display those files on every window if you like.

GeekTool allows you to move entries as you like. You can place them in the center, left, right or top anywhere you feel comfortable. GeekTool is one such application which makes you feel that you are a real geek out there.