Sublime Text Editor: A Completely Customizable Text Editor


Having a good text editor installed on your computer for programming purpose will reduce stress considerably. What if you have a text editor that is highly customizable? Sublime Text Editor is one such source code editor with tons of features and it is very easy to use. You can choose to edit code without any disturbance on the screen like menus or side bars. It has support for syntax highlighting for many programming languages like HTML, C, C++, Groovy, JavaScript, Java and many more.



Sublime Text is very keyboard friendly so you can perform any function with press of buttons. It is carefully designed to make programming easy with some automation. It also has interesting features like multiple selections, paragraph reformatting, line joining and many more. There are many other features available for download so that you can improve feature of this application according to your need.

Full Screen mode

Full screen mode in this application does full justification for the term used. You can use every available pixel of your screen working on the code. Distraction free full screen mode will hide all other buttons, menus from you so that you can concentrate only on the code you write.


You can open multiple projects in tabs and also in the full screen mode you can work on multiple panes at once. It also supports multiple monitors so that you can work on a project on each monitor separately.


It currently supports syntax highlighting for most major computer programming languages like C, C++, Java, HTML, SQL, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Groovy, etc there are more available for download.

Sublime also have bracket highlighting also can expand your selection in a bracket. These all features will improve your productivity and make your life easy.

Auto Save

Not many text editors have auto save features and some which do have do not save your file continuously. But here in Sublime you do not have to fear losing your work if case of computer crash or power outrage.

Color Schemes

For easy view according to your mood and lighting conditions you can change the color scheme of the application easily. There are many color schemes comes with this application preinstalled but you can choose to have more.



The feature search and replace is one the most useful if you want to replace a word with another. With easy to use buttons you can narrow down search and find the word easily. Incremental find and bookmark support makes navigating in the large files easy.


Sublime has supports you to certain extent in coding with automation. It has support for Macros, Snippets, auto complete and repeat last action will help you improve productivity.

It has support for Build Tool integration and also automatically builds on save. WinSCP integration enables you to edit files via FTP and SCP protocols.


All the key board shorts, menus and tool bars in Sublime Text are customizable such that you can change the way you like it. You can add more features to this application via Python plugins with a rich API.

Sublime Text 1.2 is currently available for download. You can download this application and use it for free evaluation. You can buy this application for $ 59 for continued use. Although there is no fixed limitation on the period for evaluation you can use the application for the period you like.


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