How to stream music/videos to TV from Windows Phone 8 like Lumia 920, HTC 8x via DLNA


I got a new Windows Phone 8, Lumia 920. I like it. It got a new kind of interface. One of the problems is, there are not many apps in Windows Phone app store. One of the basic things is DLNA. You want to stream media like music, videos from your network libraries like computer library, NAS to your TV.

In android, You can stream media from your phone to TV, via Apple TV, PS3, Xbox 360, WD TV Live, Blu-Ray Players, Smart TVs like Samsung, Panasonic, Sony Bravia etc. Android Apps like doubleTwist, iMediaShare Lite, Twonky Beam etc help you achieve AirPlay like functionality.

There are couple of Windows Phone 8 apps that support DLNA. You can stream media from network libraries to HD TV via Windows Media Player, WD TV Live, even Xbox 360. I could not find a way to stream local windows phone media to TV though.

How to stream network media to TV from Windows Phone 8 via DLNA
If you have music, video, or photos collection on Windows Computer, network storage like NAS, You can stream that media to TV using DLNA compatible devices like Computer, WD TV Live etc.

1. Download & Install AV Remote from Windows Phone App Store. You can download trial version. Full version costs $3.

2. It will scan for DLNA/UpnP servers like Windows Media Player on Windows PCs, PlayON, XBMC servers, NAS like Synology etc. You can browse media from these servers. You can allow Windows Media Player as DLNA server by following instructions here.

3. Select the video or music you want to play, It displays available players like your Windows Phone, WD TV Live Player etc. You can also play media to Windows Media Player. You need to have computer turned on and Windows Media Player open though.

You can also play Flickr, SkyDrive, Picasa Web photos, YouTube to TV or computer this way. This is basically same as using your Windows Phone 8 as remote for controlling the network media you want to play.


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