How to stream music from Nexus 7/android phones to computer/TV


I got a Nexus 7 tablet recently. I am playing with it. It is amazing little tablet. I wanted to stream videos, music, photos from Nexus 7 to laptop which has audio speakers connected. laptop is also connected to TV.

You can connect Nexus 7 to TV via Apple TV (Air Play), Xbox 360, PS3 easily.

You can also play videos from Nexus 7 to TV via Internet connected TVs, Blu Ray players, WD TV Live etc

Above methods work for any android tablet like Samsung Galaxy Tab or android phones like galaxy s2, s3, HTC One X, Droid Razr etc. But what if you don’t have any of those devices like Apple TV or Game Consoles or Internet Connected TV. You still have a choice. You most probably have a computer or laptop you can use to stream media from Nexus 7 to it or your HD TV. Windows Media Player is a DLNA compliant streaming player.

How to stream media from android Nexus 7 to Computer/TV
Nexus 7 does not have any HDMI output. So you can’t connect Nexus 7 to TV directly via HDMI cable. But I will show you how to stream music/videos to computer very easily.

Step 1:
You need to allow remote control of windows media player on your computer. These instructions apply to Windows 7 computer with Windows Media Player 12. But other versions of Window Media Player have similar options.

Open Window Media Player > Click on Stream Menu > Select “Allow remote control of my player”

If you have a check mark next to it as shown below, It is already enabled in Windows Media Player.

Step 2:
Download & Install iMediaShare Lite android app on your Nexus 7 or Galaxy Tab tablet. This is a free app. It also works on android phones including Galaxy S2, S3 etc.

You can stream photos, music, videos from Nexus 7 to computer/TV. Tap on My Photos > Select a Photo you want to display on computer > Select Computer Name to stream photo it.

Similarly, you can stream audio & video to computer. Thats it. Video may be little slow to stream as it needs to buffer. But it should work well for audio & photos over wifi.

If you connect you computer to TV (ex: via hdmi cable etc) & duplicate computer display to TV, you can see photos & videos on your TV. I keep one of my spare old laptops to TV always. This is useful if you have spare laptop or computer.

What are your thoughts? As Air Play is not natively available on Nexus 7 or android phones, This workaround should get you going.


4 thoughts on “How to stream music from Nexus 7/android phones to computer/TV

  1. I still wish there was a way to duplicate the android screen to the laptop so I could watch NFL mobile on something bigger than my phone.

  2. I’m looking for a way to stream ALL the sound from Android to PC.
    Let’s say I use TuneIn Radio or LastFM or some other players and I don’t have any MP3 neither on my phone nor on PC.
    I haven’t found any programs that allow me to redirect audio. I’m thinking about bluetooth but don’t really want to buy any other hardware for this.

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