Sony Bravia ZX1 Ultra Thin LCD TV Review


Sony has added one more ultra thin LCD TV to its LCD TV portfolio making it stronger than ever. Bravia ZX1 measures just 9.9mm in thickness making it the slimmest LCD TV. Bravia ZX1 is powered by the Bravia Engine 2 and featuring Edge LED technology delivering ultra sharp images with Full HD display resolution of up to 1920 x 1080 pixels.


The new Bravia ZX1 features the innovative technology in the TV industry enabling to deliver quality image display. ZX1 sports Motion Flow at 100MHz with Blur reduction system, it has a bezel screen allowing greater view angle. It sports all the features that are present in the earlier model in the Bravia series and has audio enhancement feature that gives you true sound experience, 2 speakers and 1 woofer deliver total output of 20 watts giving you a real theater sound experience.


The USP of the ZX1 is completely wireless so you can enjoy the beauty of the ZX1 without any wires hanging out from the TV. With the Wireless technology, the ZX1 delivers high quality videos and enables you to watch HD quality videos with this technology. All you have to do is just plug in the source to the media receiver and enjoy the video on the big screen. Because of the wireless function you can place the media receiver at any place in the house this gives you extra freedom of maintaining minimal nature of the room.

The ZX1 is supplied with a stand you can remove the stand and place this magnificent piece of beauty on the lounge wall to improve its looks. It consumes very low power and saves on your power bills so if you are planning to buy a great television then think once about Bravia ZX1 on your lounge wall.


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