How to soft/factory reset BlackBerry Z10, Q10


You have new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. You can easily restore Z10 or Q10 to its original state. It is easy to wipe data and start clean again on BlackBerry Z10.

You may want to reset your BlackBerry Z10 for any reason like you are selling Z10, you are exchanging Z10, You just want to start fresh again.

If you reset your phone to factory settings, You will lose all your data on the phone including apps, media like photos, videos, settings etc. Make sure to have a backup of your BlackBerry phone If you want the data.

How to soft reset BlackBerry Z10, Q10 etc
Make sure you connect BlackBerry Z10 to power outlet to avoid losing power in the middle of the process. This process may take long.

1. Go to BlackBerry Z10 Home Screen > Settings > Security and Privacy > Security Wipe

2. Type word blackberry into the text box and Tap Delete Data to start resetting phone.

image credit: blackberry

This might take 10 to 15 minutes. So be patient. Don’t do anything like turning off the phone in the middle. Also, make sure you have enough battery charge left. Don’t hard reset your phone by pulling out battery from BlackBerry Z10. You might brick your Phone and Your Phone may not be able to boot.

You can reinstall any purchased apps you have after setting up your BlackBerry with the same BlackBerry ID.

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