How to soft reset or hard reset on Galaxy S4 android phone


You might want to reset your android phone like Galaxy S4 to original factory settings for any reason like You want to start fresh again, You are having issues like freezing apps, S4 touch screen is not working, You are returning your phone. Whatever the reason. It is easy to reset Galaxy S4 to factory settings easily.

Resetting a phone is like restoring your Windows computer. You will loose all data on the phone. You need to make a backup of photos, videos, music etc If you need them.

There are couple of methods to restore Galaxy S4 to factory settings. Easiest is Soft Reset. If your touch screen is working properly and You can get past lock screen, You can use this method. You will use this method most of the times.

How to Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy S4 android phone

Go to Menu > Settings > Accounts > Backup and reset > Factory data reset > Tap Reset Device to reset Galaxy S4 to restore to original settings same as when you bought the phone.

This will delete all your personal information. You can do soft reset If you want to sell your android phone or start fresh again with your phone.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4 android phone

You can use Hard Reset method If You can’t get past lock screen or If you forgot your android phone pin, pattern or password.

You can also use this method If your phone is sluggish or Phone screen gets frozen and You can’t access soft reset settings. Hard Reset is same as entering into recovery mode for flashing custom ROMs.

Turn off your Galaxy S4 phone using Power button. Turn on the phone by pressing Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at the same time. You will see Samsung Logo on the screen. Release Power button and keep holding other keys. Release all keys when you see screen with options.

Using Volume keys, Move up or down and Highlight Wipe data/factory reset option and press Power key to select it to reset android phone. Your phone will reboot after reset.

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