How to reset factory settings on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 800 Tablet


You may want to reset your android tablet to original factory settings for any reason like you want to start fresh again, your tablet performance has decreased or you are selling it. It is easy to factory reset on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.

How to soft reset Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1/800
If your tablet is working fine and you can get into Galaxy Note, you can reset it by going into Settings. This is useful if you are giving away your tablet or delete all the data like music, photos, videos etc from the tablet.

Go to Apps > Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset > reset tablet. This will delete all the data on the tablet and returns to original factory state same as when you purchased your tablet.


How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1/800
Sometimes, your tablet may not turn on & you can’t get into it. You may be locked out of the tablet as you might have forgot password, pin or pattern lock, You will need to hard reset on your tablet.

Hard reset your tablets deletes all the user data on the tablet including photos, music, videos, apps etc. You need to be careful with it.

You can get into Android System Recovery on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet by following below steps.

1.Turn off the tablet if it’s turned on.
2.Press & Hold Volume Up Key & Power Key at the same time until it turns on.
3.Once you see Samsung logo, release Power key & continue to press Volume Up key until you see System Recovery display.
4.Release Volume Up Key. You will see options to reboot, wipe data/factory reset etc.
5.Use Volume Up & Down keys to scroll through the options & select factory reset using Power key.

That should reset your tablet to factory settings. Your tablet will reboot after it’s done resetting your device.


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  1. Thank you very much. My tablet was blocked in emergency call mode and I resolved the problem reseting the factory settings of the tablet by reading your explanations. Your site is better than the support of Sansung.

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