How to setup miracast on Nexus with Netgear PTV3000 Push2TV


Miracast allows you to mirror your phone, tablet, laptop screen on to your TV using WiFi and Miracast compatible devices. You can easily watch movies, play games on the big screen without using any cables like HDMI. This is similar to Apple’s AirPlay mirroring. Moreover, Miracast can work without having any WiFi connection or router.

Google’s LG Made Nexus 4 has miracast support. You will need a miracast ready TV or miracast adapter like NetGear PTV3000 Push2TV. Miracast support will be built into the future TVs soon in 2013.

How to setup NetGear PTV3000 Push2TV
Amazon has NetGear PTV3000 for about $60. This wireless display adapter is Miracast ready. It is also WiDi compatible. If you are looking to display laptop screen wirelessly on to your HD TV using Intel WiDi, you can use this adapter.

PTV3000 existing official firmware does not support Miracast out of the box. You need to update NetGear PTV 3000 with beta firmware. NetGear has instructions to update firmware on the Push2TV adapter. You can also find NetGear PTV3000 Installation guide If you need it.

Update: NetGear has firmware 2.2.12 on NetGear site. You can download it on NetGear site.

1. Download latest beta firmware 2.2.2 for NetGear PTV3000 from here to your computer.

2. Connect PTV3000 to Power source. Connect it to to TV using HDMI cable. Press and hold side button on the Push2TV adapter for more than 5 seconds.

3. On your computer, Open wireless network manager (this is how you select wireless network on your PC normally) and select Push2TV to connect that network.

4. On your computer, open browser and go to

5. Select the downloaded beta firmware from #1 above and upload to update PTV3000 to latest version.

How to connect Nexus 4 to NetGear PTV3000
Go to Settings > Display > Wireless Display > Turn On (If it is already not turned on) > Select Push2TV. Thats it. You should be able to your phone screen on the big TV screen now.

Also, read how to connect your android device to TV using AirPlay apps (Thanks to dl for latest firmware link)

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  1. Gracias!!!! Estuve buscando muchisimo y finalmente con tu post entendi como hacerlo (y funciono con mi S4). Saludos desde la Argentina.

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