How to setup Chromecast HDMI Player with Google Chrome Browser on Windows/Mac


Google’s Chromecast HDMI Streaming Player allows you to stream Chrome Tab from your Windows or Mac Computer. It is really helpful If you want to stream photos, videos to your TV.

One of the the biggest advantages of Chromecast is It works with all your existing devices like Android Phones, Android Tablets, iPhone, iPad, Computers etc. It is just easy to search for a video in the YouTube app or Netflix app and stream it to TV.

How to setup Chromecast with Google Chrome Browser Tab on Windows/Mac via Google Cast Chrome Extension

1. On your Windows or Mac Computer, Make sure Chrome is installed. You can download Chrome here. You can download it on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X etc.

If you already have Chrome browser installed on Computer, Make sure you have Chrome version 28 or later. You can check this in Chrome browser by going to Menu > About Google Chrome.

update google chrome to latest version

2. Connect Chromecast HDMI dongle to TV. Turn on the TV. Change Input Source to Chromecast HDMI screen on your TV.

3. To setup Chromecast player for the first time, Go to Chromecast Setup page on your computer. Click the Download link to download ChromecastApp Installer from that page. Install Chromecast App on your Computer. Follow the prompts to setup Chromecast HDMI Player. You can set up on Windows 7 or later or Mac OS X 10.7 or later.

So this Chromecast App Installer does not work with Windows Vista, Windows XP for now.

You will see ready to cast screen on the TV after setting up.

ready to cast screen on tv for chromecast hdmi dongle
image credit: Google

How to setup Chrome Tab Cast on Chrome Browser for Chromecast HDMI Player

4. On your Computer or Laptop, Go to Google Cast Chrome extension in the Chrome Browser.

5. Click on Add to Chrome to add Google Cast extension to Chrome Browser.

add Google Cast chrome extension to Chrome browser

6. Make sure Chromecast HDMI Streaming Player is connected to TV and You see Ready to Cast on the TV screen. Also make sure, Your computer & TV are connected to the same WiFi network.

7. On your Computer, You should new see new icon in the Chrome Browser. Click on the icon to see Cast devices.

Google Cast chromecast devices in the Chrome browser

I don’t have Chromecast device right now. Your devices should show up there.

8. If you go to Cast optimized sites like YouTube, Netflix, You can stream videos to TV directly from computer by selecting the TV. You don’t need to keep the computer open. Chromecast streams videos directly from YouTube, Netflix etc. If you are playing videos, You will get upto 1080p video here.

9. You can also cast a Chrome browser Tab to TV. Go to Tab > Click Cast icon > Select the TV to play on. You get upto 720p video here. Also it uses your computer power. You will need faster computer to use this function. You can’t stream Quicktime or Silverlight videos now as per this support page.

cast chrome browser tab to Chromecast

Thats it. Enjoy Tab Casting to TV and watch photos, videos on the big screen TV now.

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  1. Hey I have just buy my chromecast and I have it in my hand but I’m very busy today and for few days. So thanks for your tutorial and when I’m gonna turn it on I will reply you who does it works except if you receive it before.

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