How to scroll to top on Galaxy S4 using Air Jump Gesture


New Samsung Galaxy S4 is full of new features including Air Gestures. It takes to time to learn all of them. One of the features I like on iPhones is, scroll to top of the any web page, contacts, application quickly just by tapping on the Status bar. Android don’t have that feature.

Scrolling to top is really useful feature. If you are on long web page, email or contacts, You can use this option instead of scrolling lot of times using fingers. On Samsung Galaxy S3, You can double tap on the top of the phone to scroll to top quickly.

How to scroll to top quickly on Samsung Galaxy S4
1. On your Galaxy S4, Turn on Air Gesture. You can do this by going to Menu > Settings > My Device > Motion and Gestures > Turn on Air Gesture. Tap on the Air Gesture to go to Air Gesture Settings.

This will take more than couple of taps to get to Air Gesture settings. Easy method is, Swipe from top of the screen using two fingers to get to Quick Panel. Tap on Air Gesture to turn it on. Long press on the Air Gesture to get to Air Gesture settings quickly.

quick panel on samsung galaxy s4

2. Turn on Air Jump. Move your hand over camera sensor to the top or bottom to scroll to top or bottom. You may have to do this couple of times. This might not be quick way to do this.

scroll to top web pages on galaxy s4

That is one more option to scroll to top of wbepages, email on your Galaxy S4 android phone.

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