Sony Xperia Z/ZL – How to mirror screen to stream videos wirelessly via miracast to TV


You got a new Sony Xperia Z smartphone. You want to watch your smartphone videos, photos on the big screen HD TV wirelessly without connecting any cables. Sony Xperia Z has screen mirroring capabilities via Miracast support. This might be better than Apple’s AirPlay.

Miracast is newest standard for displaying media wirelessly. It uses WiFi-Direct. Both your phone and TV (or via Miracast adapter) needs to support WiFi-Direct. You can stream videos, photos, music from your android phone to TV using Miracast. You don’t need to have any WiFi connection.

How to mirror screen of Sony Xperia Z on TV via Miracast
1. Current don’t have Miracast support built-in. You need to have Miracast display adapter like NetGear PTV3000 or Streaming Media Players, Blu-ray Plyers. These devices have Miracast wireless support.

Future TVs will have Miracast support built-in. You won’t need any adapter then.

2. If you have Miracast adapter for TV, you are ready to go. Connect it to TV via HDMI cable. Turn on Miracast wireless display adapter.

3. On your Sony Xperia Z phone, Go to Settings > Xperia > Screen Mirroring

4. Tap Turn on Screen Mirroring and select your TV or Miracast adapter

Thats it. You can watch videos, stream music to your TV wirelessly on the big screen TV from your Sony Xperia Z or ZL smartphone.

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One thought on “Sony Xperia Z/ZL – How to mirror screen to stream videos wirelessly via miracast to TV

  1. Unfortunately (and unlike other miracast implementations on Samsung devices or Nexus 4), as soon as you’ve established screen mirroring, normal wifi connection is dropped on the Xperia Z .

    So you will not be able to watch on your TV applications which doesn’t require internet access (forget youtube, web browsing, reading emails and RSS feeds)

    Not really useful.

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