How to root any android phone easily like Galaxy S3, S4, HTC One, Note 2 etc


Rooting android device allows you to install any app on your device. You will have unrestricted access. Android Rooting is normally complicated and differs for each device. You don’t need to sweat for rooting your android device anymore. It is as simple as Clicking a Button. Yes, Your Mom can do it too If needed.

If you always wanted to root my android phone but you thought it was an extensive process & did not do it. Here is your chance. You can root any android device like android phone or tablet. If you want to remove root or unroot after rooting your device, Clicking the button again unroots your device. It will be same as before.

Step by Step instructions to root/unroot android phone like Galaxy S2/S3/S4, HTC One, Note 2, Nexus 4

1. On your Computer, Download & Install Kingo Android Root (If that link is not working for any reason, Go to Kingo Site and download Android Root)

2. Make sure your android device has at least 50% battery level, turned on. Enable USB Debugging on your android device by going to Settings > Developer Options > Turn On Developer Options > Turn on USB debugging.

I am using Jelly Bean 4.1 OS on Samsung Galaxy S2. It might be located under different menu on your android device. But It should be under Settings. If you still don’t find it, See below in Android Root software.

enable usb debugging on android phone or tablet

3. Connect your android device to Computer using micro USB cable. This is same cable you use for charging your android device.

4. On your Computer, Open above downloaded program “Android Root” and follow the instructions. If you are ready to root, Click the ROOT button. It will take few minutes to complete the process. Don’t disconnect your android device or do anything on your device while rooting is done.

root android phone using android root

5. You will see Rooting Succeeded message. Disconnect your android device from Computer and restart device. Thats it. You can install any app from Google Play Store or any APK file.

6. If you want to go back to Stock or Unrooted Mode, After connecting your device to computer, Open “Android Root” and click “Unroot” button.

This One Click Root program works on most android devices including Nexus 4, Galaxy S2, S3, S4, Note, Note 2, HTC One, LG Optimus, Sony Xperia, Huawei android phones. Read about the devices supported here.

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