How to restart Chromecast Player If it is stuck or frozen from android phone or tablet


Chromecast HDMI Streaming Player is good streaming player for YouTube & Netflix etc. It does not have any user interface unlike Roku or Apple TV. You need to control it from your Computer, Android phone or tablet. iOS Chromecast app is coming soon.

If you have been using Chromecast Player for a while or If it froze or stuck for whatever reason, You may want to restart it. Rebooting things fix lot of things. Remember, restarting your Windows Computer to fix the problems. You can certainly hard restart it by unplugging power cable or usb cable. But this will help you to reboot it from android phone or tablet.

How to restart Chromecast HDMI Streaming Player If it gets stuck or frozen

1. On your android phone or tablet, Download & Install Chromecast app If you don’t have it already.

If you don’t have android device, You can unplug power cable or usb cable on the Chromecast device. Chromecast app for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad is coming soon as per Google. You can’t restart Chromecast device using your Windows computer or Mac Computer.

2. Go to Chromecast app > Menu > Reboot Chromecast to restart Chromecast device.

restart chromecast streaming player

Thats it. Your Chromecast HDMI Streaming Player will restart & You should see Ready to Cast screen on the TV.

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