How to reset Nexus 7 to factory settings with Jelly Bean OS


Nexus 7 is an amazing tablet from Google. It features Jelly Bean OS, latest android os version to date. Nexus 7 is interesting with Google Now, Google Search which are similar to Siri. If you are playing with your new Nexus 7 tablet or you just want to start fresh again, you can reset nexus 7 to factory settings easily.

Resetting nexus 7 tablet to original factory settings, you will have clean installation of Jelly Bean OS. Reset is useful if you are having problems with your tablet like slowness accessing apps or apps not working properly.

Reset Nexus 7 Tablet to Factory Data Settings
Remember, if you reset your nexus 7 tablet, you will lose all the media files like videos, photos, music, apps etc. You need to make a backup of data you need.

1. Make a backup of the data you need like videos, photos, music etc by connecting nexus 7 tablet to pc or mac using usb cable.

2. Swipe from top of the screen & tapSettings icon.

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3. Tap Backup & Reset option

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4. Tap Factory data reset > Rest Tablet

5. Tap Erase Everything to start reset to factory settings.

All the data on the nexus 7 tablet will be wiped out. Your tablet will be restored to the original state same as when you bought it.

If you use the same Google account to setup the tablet now, Google account data will be restored to your tablet.

If you can’t turn on Nexus 7 or you can’t get to this settings screen, you can hard reset Nexus 7 to factory settings.

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