How to remove Google or Facebook account from Nexus 7 tablet


When you setup Nexus 7 for the first time, It asks you for Google or Gmail account. If you use your regular Google account, It will sync Gmail messages, contacts, movies etc to your Nexus 7 tablet. You may want to remove the account or gmail messages from your Nexus 7 for whatever reason like Someone else is using your tablet and you don’t want them to see email messages etc.

For Privacy reasons or just testing, you can remove Google account information from Nexus 7 tablet. This is especially useful, if your friend is borrowing your tablet etc. You can also add multiple Gmail accounts in Nexus 7, but all accounts can be accessed by switching to any account.

Also, if you have setup Facebook or another email account, you may want to delete it for any reason.

How to remove accounts from Nexus 7 tablet
1. Go to Applications > Settings > Select the account under accounts section
2. Tap on the account you want to delete. Skip this step for some accounts like Skype
3. Tap on Menu & Select Remove account
4. It will delete all the messages, contacts and other data from tablet. It just deletes the data from tablet. You can still access this account online. If you add this tablet to the account again, it syncs all your email messages, contacts etc again.

If you want to restore Nexus 7 to factory settings or delete everything from your tablet, you can reset Nexus 7. This is useful if you want to start fresh again or selling your tablet.

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