Solved – How to Remove Black Screen Between Video Clips in iMovie iOS App on iPhone/iPad


I recently started using iMovie iOS app a lot for making movies. I really like it. I mainly use it for creating movies for YouTube Channel. I ran into few issues as I started using it more.

iMovie iOS app is fantastic for stitching together video clips to create movies quickly. You can trim clips, add titles, detach audio, add background music etc. As you trim video clips to edit movie in iMovie Project, I noticed black screen between the video clips. This black screen or blank screen is visible when you play the video in the iMovie Project on my iPhone.

How to Remove Black/Blank Screen Between Video Clips in iMovie iOS App

Black Screen shows up because the length of audio & video clips are not same for Video Clips in iMovie Project. I think when the video clips are trimmed, video and audio lengths got out of sync.

To resolve black screen issue, expand (drag or resize) the video clips little bit, It will automatically adjust the video clips to remove the black screen. You will notice length video clip increases. Where ever you see black screen between video clips, you need to expand those videos clips to remove it.

imovie ios app black screen between video clips

As you can see in the image above, You need to expand (drag or resize) video clips. It should resolve black screen issue.

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