How to recover deleted files/photos/data from android internal memory or sd card


You lost your files or photos accidentally on your android phone or tablet. You might have deleted them or formatted or reset your android device to factory settings. You might have unlocked bootloader that could have erased android data. Can you recover deleted photos or documents from android smart phone or tablet?

Your deleted photos or data might be on the android phone internal memory or sd card. It is mostly straight forward to recover lost data if you had data on the sd card. This would be same as restoring from laptop hard drive. One of the things you need to do remember when you try to recover lost data is you should not create or copy new data on to android device, this might overwrite your lost data. Also, you need to recover data to separate drive or location if possible.

How to recover deleted files/data from android phone or tablet using android apps
There are more than couple of android apps you can try to recover your lost data like videos, photos, files etc. Most of these apps require your android device be rooted.

1. Hexamob Recovery Lite supports vfat, ext2, ext3, ext4 type of files. This android app requires your android device be rooted. You need to use pro version which uses Total Recovery for recovering deleted files for Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones. You can recover any type of data using this android app.

2. Undelete for Root Users is free android to recover deleted android files from internal memory or sd card. It supports FAT format only. You can recover image files with free app. If you need to recover other file types, you need to buy Undelete Key. It worked on Sony Xperia, Driod Razr, HTC Evo as per Google Play reviews.

3. Disk Digger android app lets you recover deleted photos or images from android internal storage or sd card. You can even email restored photos. This app also requires root access. You can recover pics even if you reformatted memory card. This app worked on Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus as per comments on the Google Play Store.

As a bonus tip, You can use Dumpster Recycle Bin android app to have recycle bin on your phone or tablet. All the deleted files go into recycle bin same as your computer recycle bin. You can restore audio, video, image files, contacts, sms text messages directly from recycle bin. You don’t need to root your android device to use this app.

How to recover deleted files/data from android phone or tablet sd card using desktop software
If your lost data is on sd card, you can regular desktop software to recover deleted files. Just insert sd card into your computer or laptop. It shows up as a drive. You can scan sd card to undelete the files. You can use this same technique for recovering files from camera sd card, camcorder sd card, mp3 players or any other sd card or usb drive etc.

1. Wondershare Data Recovery for Android can recover any type of file including photos, videos, audio, pdf files, documents etc. You need to install this software on computer and connect your android phone to computer to scan for deleted files in phone sd card.

2. Recuva is a file recovery software. This software is made by same people who made popular CCleaner software. It works on most Windows OSes including Windows 8, Windows 7. You can even use it to damaged or formatted disks or sd cards.

How to recover deleted files/data from android phone or tablet internal memory
You can try using above android apps to recover any lost files. If you can’t use them on your android phone or tablet like Nexus devices, You can try to recover internal storage data manually as explained on xda site.

This process involves dumping all internal memory or storage to .RAW file and converting it to VHD file. You can mount VHD file as drive and scan for deleted files. You need to root your android device, install and run software as explained.

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