How to record video or take photos on Kindle Fire HD


Update: Amazon Kindle Fire HD/2 includes in built camera for taking pictures now.

Amazon’s latest software update to Kindle Fire contains camera feature under Photos. You don’t need to download any app for taking photos using front camera. This camera app is not available under Apps on your Kindle Fire HD. You can access by going to Kindle Home Screen > Photos > Camera button in the top right corner as shown in the below image.

You still need to download below camera app If you want to record videos.

You may want to record a quick video or take a pic to share it on your Kindle Fire. Kindle Fire HD has front camera. You can’t record videos or photos as Camera app is hidden on the Kindle Fire tablet. Fortunately, there are other camera apps you can download from AppStore.

Without having any rear camera, It is not much useful to record videos or take pics. But sometimes, You may actually want to record a conversation or anything using front camera.

How to record videos or take pics on Kindle Fire HD
HD Camera android app on Amazon AppStore costs about 2 bucks. It records videos in 720p HD. You can take pictures. It also has time delay feature. You can delay timer by 5 seconds or 10 seconds. This is especially useful If you need to turn your Kindle Fire HD as it does not have rear camera.

You can access recorded videos & photos using the links from within the app. This app has 1080p mode but it does not work properly. If you change mode 1080p, you have stop the app manually and restart Kindle Fire to use the app again.

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