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“QuickTime Alternative 2.80” is a short version of Quick Time Player which contains only the essential components required to play the Quick Time content.

This software allows you to play quick time files(.mov, .qt, .3gp extensions) without having to download Quick Time Player from Apple.

This is a software with codecs, filters and plugins that plays Quick Time files.

This software also allows you to play the Quick Time content embedded in Web pages.

Especially, Internet Explorer will play Quick Time movies embedded in a web page.

Note: Before installing this software it is recommended that you uninstall all Quick Time related files from your PC in order to avoid potential problems.



=>This software has a user-friendly installation interface, and provides customized download options, which means that it allows you to install only those components which you want.

You need a media player that is capable of playing Quick Time files. Media Player Classic is a player which supports Quick Time files.

=>Media Player Classic, a freeware media player, which can play both Quick Time Alternative and Real Alternative is available along with this software.

This player has internal decoding support for dvd, mpeg-2, mp3, mp2,aac, ac3 and dts. Also provides internal support for Matroska and Ogg containers.

=>Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape,Firefox,Seamonkey,GoogleChrome and Mozilla supports Quick Time files with the help of Quick Time plugin.

The QuickTime plugins include iPIX and QuickTimeVR.

Quick Time codecs are required for playing Quick Time content.

=> We can play Quick Time content in Direct Show enabled players, by using Quick Time Direct show filter.

=>Some extra plugins to view some special formats in web pages are as follows:

  • CoreAVC is an external filter for Media Player Classic.
  • CoreAAC is an AAC DirectShow filter decoder based on FAAD2.

=> For configuring Quick Time settings, the Quick Time Control Panel is used.

=> This software is available for download 100% free.

Some advantages of Quick Time Alternative as compared to Quick Time Player are as follows:

  • It takes less time to install.
  • Installation procedure is easy to perform.
  • Unattended installation is possible.
  • Background processes will not be present.
  • Uses few resources.
  • It is smaller in size comparatively.
  • Use a player of your own choice.

The only difference between regular and lite versions of Quick Time Alternative is,  that the lite version does not include Media Player Classic.

Technical Attributes:

  • The size of the file is 10.8 MB, 11.349.784 bytes
  • The name of the file is “quicktimealt280.exe”
  • The operating systems on which this software works is as follows: Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 and 7
  • The url available to download this software is as follows:http://codecpackguide.com/quicktimealt280.exe

The new features added to this version of the software are as follows:

  • Updated Media Player Classic to version rev. 91
  • Updated QuickTime framework to version
  • Updated MOV Download Tool to version 1.1.1





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