How to print from Windows Phone 8 like Lumia 920, HTC 8X wirelessly


We are used to printing easily on Computers. You can print easily on your computer using Print option in the browser or any program. You can also add local, network printers, WiFi printers easily. Windows Phone 8 does not have inbuilt print functionality yet like iOS. iPhone, iPad have AirPrint option. But you can set up similar Cloud Print capability for your Windows Phone easily.

You need to have Google Cloud Print to print wirelessly from your Windows Phone to your Printers. Your printer can be any WiFi enabled printer or old printer thats connected to a Computer.

How to print from Windows Phone 8 like Lumia 920, HTC 8X etc via WiFi
1. You need to configure Google Cloud Print for your printers.

If you have a Printer thats capable of connecting via WiFi, You can easily setup Google Cloud Print. Most new printers are cloud ready. Go to Cloud Print page for set up instructions on setting up Google Cloud Print.

HP ePrinters like OfficeJet, OfficeJet Pro, Envy, Kodak Hero, Kodak ESP, Epson, Dell, Canon Pixma Printers are Cloud Ready.

If you don’t have WiFi ready printer, You need to have your old printer connected to computer and computer needs to be turned on. You also need to have Chrome browser installed. Follow instructions to set up Google Cloud Print.

2. After setting up Google Cloud Print, you will see your Printers on Google Cloud Print. If you see your printers here, You can use cloud print.

3. On your Windows Phone, download & install KumoPrint. It is free to try. It costs $0.99.

4. Open the app & sign in with same Google account you used for Google Cloud Print. You will see Printers.

You can print Web Pages inside browser, documents like doc, pdf, images from your Windows SkyDrive etc. You will see Printer icon to print. You can select the printer you want to print to. You can also view the status of Print Jobs that are in the Google Cloud Print.

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