How to print from Nexus 7 or android phones like Galaxy S2, S3, AirPrint


If you are looking for ways to print to your local printer from your Nexus 7 tablet or any android phone, you are in luck. Apple iOS devices have AirPrint. You can print to any AirPrint enabled printers from any iOS device. Android has CloudPrint.

You can print to any type of printer even the classic old printers. If you have cloud print enabled printers, it is easy to print from Nexus 7 tablet or android phone samsusng galaxy s2, s3 or HTC One X or Droid Razr etc.

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1. Using your computer pc or mac, Setup Google Cloud Print service with printers you have. If you have a Cloud Ready printer like HP ePrint Printer etc, you can set up your printer easily just by entering eprint printer email address etc.

Look at cloud ready printers page to set up cloud printers. It has instructions to setup cannon, epson, hp, samsung, kodak printers. If your cloud ready printer is not listed, please follow instructions specified in your printer manual.

If you have a classic printer, you can connect it to Google cloud print. You need to install Google Chrome on your computer and set it up in the settings. For classic printers, Your computer needs to be turned on with the printer connected to print real time. Print jobs are queued otherwise.

You can manage your printers & print jobs at Google Cloud Print

2. You need to download & install an android application on your Nexus 7 tablet or android phone like galaxy s2 or s3. There are couple of android applications.

a. Cloud Print: Install Cloud Print android app from Google Play Store. You can print emails, attachments, webpages, sms messages, clipboard. It has internal file viewer with support for pdf, jpg, jpeg, docx, ods, doc etc.

Open the document, photo, webpage or email, Tap on share options & select Cloud Print to your printer. You can browse through the file you want to print also. This is same as printing wireless from your Nexus 7.

b. EasyPrint: You can use multiple Google accounts with EasyPrint.

If you use Firefox browser on your Nexus 7 or android phone, you can use firefox extension Cloud Printer. If you are looking for more apps or ways to print from your nexus 7 or android phone, you can find more here

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