How to print from Kindle Fire HD using Cloud Print/airprint Free


We are used to selecting a local shared printer or WiFi printer on our computer & laptops. If you have a Kindle Fire HD android tablet, there is no built-in Print functionality like iPad AirPrint. But you can easily set it up and print documents easily.

If you want to print from Kindle Fire HD for free, you need to use Google Cloud Print. This is the only way to print for free without buying expensive android apps.

How to print from Kindle Fire HD wirelessly
1. You need to configure Google Cloud Print for your printers. It depends on the Printer you have.

a. If you have old printer (also called Classic Printer) that needs to be connected to a computer to print, You need to have computer running with Chrome browser. Printer needs to be connected to computer & turned on. You can follow instructions on Google Cloud Print page to set it up. Make sure to “Signin to Chrome” also.

b. If you have a newer Printer that’s WiFi enabled, You can probably set up Google Cloud Print easily. Go to Cloud Ready Printers to check If your Printer is cloud ready. Follow instructions on that page to set it up.

Canon Pixma, Epson Stylus, Epson WorkForce, HP ePrinters like OfficeJet, OfficeJet Pro, Envy, LaserJet Pro, Kodak Hero, Kodak ESP etc Printers are Cloud Ready.

2. After setting up Google Cloud Print, You should be able to see your printer in your Google account at Cloud Print. If you see your printers here, You are ready to go.

3. On your Kindle Fire HD, download & install EasyPrint android app from Amazon App Store. It is free.

4. Open the app & add your Google account. Thats it. You should see your Printers there. You can print documents, Google Docs etc. You can add multiple Google accounts also here.

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One thought on “How to print from Kindle Fire HD using Cloud Print/airprint Free

  1. Problem: No printers are displayed in EasyPrint
    I followed steps one to three. I can see my printers on my Laptop in Google Chrome and print. I can even use my Kindle Fire HD with the built in Browser and print a test page from a Google URL >> that made me very optimistic.
    However, in EasyPrint I cannot see any of my printers although I have signed into the same Google Account. I have also tried refreshing the printer list and restarting my Kindle.
    Do I have to install Google Chrome on my Kindle?
    Any ideas what I should do next?

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