How to play videos playlist continuously in loop, shuffle on iPad


iPad or iPhone default video player does not play videos or playlists like albums continuously. There is no option to do that. This is an important little feature you might need. Say you are playing vacation videos or watching TV Shows on your iPad, It is annoying to tap on the play button after each video.

If you search for this issue online, Most suggestions include connecting your iPad to computer & changing order and re syncing videos to iPad. It is really annoying to use iTunes and make changes for playing continuously. This below iOS app lets you play video playlist continuously. You can make playlists right on your iPad without connecting to Computer and add videos from Camera Roll or other albums saved on your iPad

How to play videos playlist continuously in loop on iPad – iOS app

1. Download and Install iOS app Video Playlist LITE on your iPad. It is free. Paid version is also available. It costs $1.99

2. Create a Playlist and add videos from your local iPad library like Camera Roll. It can play videos continuously in the loop. You can’t play DRM protected videos.

app to play videos continuously in loop on ipad
image credit: Apple iTunes

3. You can use AirPlay also to play videos continuously on the TV.

This app works on iOS 5.0 or later. You can use it on iPad 2, iPad 3 (New iPad). Now you can enjoy Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos without having to tap play button again.

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