How to play local Hard Disk videos on TV with Chromecast & Google Cast Chrome extension


Google’s Chromecast is a new way to stream videos to your TV. It is simple & affordable. You can use Chrome Tab casting to stream your computer screen to TV. This is same as mirroring your Windows or Max OS X laptop browser screen.

Chromecast allows you to watch Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Videos, Music etc to HD TV. You can cast from android phones, android tablets, iPhones, iPad, computers etc. With Chrome Tab casting, You can watch your photos, your favorite TV shows etc on the big screen TV. Another thing is, You can also watch your local videos, downloaded videos that are your local hard drive on your computer or in the external hard disk on the TV. Find more about it below.

How to watch local Hard Disk videos on TV with Chromecast & Google Cast

1. Make sure Chromecast HDMI Streaming Player is connected to TV. Also, connect your Windows or Mac OS X computer to same WiFi network.

2. You need to have Chrome browser installed on your Computer. You also need to install Google Cast chrome extension. More details are here.

3. On your Computer, select the video file & drag it on to the Chrome Browser.

drag drop local hdd videos to chrome browser

You can also copy & paste the path of the video file in the Chrome Browser Address bar. Right click on the video file > Click on Properties > Click on Security Tab > Copy Full video path > Paste in the Chrome browser.

copy past video file path in chrome browser address bar

4. If Chrome browser starts playing your video file on the laptop, You are ready to go. Click on Cast icon in the Chrome Browser > Select TV to play the video on the TV.

cast chrome browser tab to Chromecast
image credit: Google

5. If video or music file does not play in the Chrome browser, You will need to try below things. Depending on the video file format, Chrome browser may not play it. It downloads files to Computer which you don’t need.

Chrome Browser plays MP4, MPG, MPEG videos, MP3, OGG formats automatically. You don’t need any plugins or extensions for browser. But for other formats like AVI, MKV, WMV, ASF, ASX, WAV etc, You will need to install plugins into Chrome browser.

How to play WMV, ASF, ASX videos inside Chrome Browser to cast them to TV via Chromecast You need to have Windows Media Player (Microsoft Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin) plugin to play these files inside Chrome browser.

In your Chrome Browser, type chrome://plugins in the address bar. You will see all the installed plugins.

chrome plugins for playing videos inside chrome browser

If you see Windows Media Player plugin is not enabled, enable it. If you don’t see it, Go here to download Microsoft Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin and install it. Restart Chrome browser. You should be able to play WMV, ASF, ASX files now inside Chrome Tab.

You can also check by going here to find If you have Microsoft Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin installed in Chrome browser.

If you have VLC Player installed on your Computer, It installs VLC Web Plugin for Chrome browser. It can play most types of video & audio formats including WMV, ASF, ASX, MP3 etc

vlc web plugin for chrome browser

How to play AVI, DIVX, MKV videos inside Chrome Browser to cast them to TV via Chromecast
To play Avi, Divx, Mkv videos inside Chrome browser, You need to install Divx Plus Web Player. Select Web Player only if you want to install that only. It takes a while to install.

After installing Divx Plus Web Player, enable it under Chrome Extensions. Restart Chrome Browser.

Try playing AVI video in Chrome Tab, It may work. It did not work for me. It should work as per Google Chrome support page.

Thats it. You can enjoy videos, songs on your big screen TV from Chrome Tab mirroring via Chromecast.


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