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As you might have heard it, Symatec is advising its customers not to use PCAnywhere software as those systems might be exploited easily. If you want to access remote pcs, you can try these pcanywhere alternative softwares

ScreenConnect : It allows you to control any computer. It has good interface to view & manage unattended & attended sessions. It can be highly customized to give access to other users to access any sessions. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac. It has few other function to help with support issues. You can record entire session, grab screenshots. You can share your desktop with remote user.

ScreenConnect - Host Screen
image credit: screenconnect.com

Most important thing about ScreenConnect is, It is not subscription. It does not charge you per month or year. You need to buy a license. Thats it. They don’t charge any recurring fee. Any user in your company should be able to access it. If you want more users to access it concurrently, you need to buy more licenses. Also, you need to host it yourself. Ex: if you host it at http://connect.yourcompanyname.com:8040 , users can access & look at the sessions by going to this url.

Other PCAnywhere Alternatives:
Logmein Rescue: It has lot of features but It has a subscription model. You need to pay for it every month for every user. It costs more in the long run.

TeamViewer: It provides lot of remote support options. It has a non commercial product you can use for free. This is not subscription software, same as screen connect. You need to pay for license only.

CrossLoop: It has 2 free products for Screen Sharing, Remote Access. It has 1 Pro product. Subscription model of this software costs you more as you use it. Free products does not have option to manage more than one computer.

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