Solved – iPhone Storage Full Even After Deleting All Photos & Videos


I got my iPhone 6 few years back. It is a 64 GB model. So I had lot of storage space on the iPhone. I used to take lot of photos and videos. I even have YouTube Channel. So I take lot of videos for that channel. Obviously I used up all the space.

Now I deleted all the videos & photos from iPhone All Photos, But I could not reclaim the space. iPhone still showed few GB left even after deleting all the pics & videos. It should have shown like 30 GB free space left instead of 1 GB. This is a really frustrating issue. I have been there. If you add up the space being used in Photos, Apps etc, It does not add up. That was weird.

You tried deleting apps to clear space and You deleted all the Photos from “Recently Deleted” etc. But Those did not work. Then Try this. Finally I found the solution to fix this issue. Here is a quick solution. It also should work for iPad.

Quick Solution – If Your iPhone Storage is Full Even After Deleting All Photos & Videos :
Turn Off iCloud Photo Sharing – Go To Settings > Photos & Camera > Turn Off iCloud Photo Sharing

turn off iCloud Photo Sharing to free up space on iPhone

Turn Off My Photo Stream – Go To Settings > Photos & Camera > Turn Off My Photo Stream

Now, Force Restart Your iPhone. You can do this by pressing Home button and Sleep/Power button (side button) simultaneously for 15 seconds. You will see Apple Logo. That means It is starting again. That Should be It. Check Your Storage Now. It should be all good now.

More Tips To Free Space on iPhone/iPad
These are general Tips. You might know them already. But It is better to have a list and You do these to reclaim the space.

Tip #1: Delete & Reinstall Apps to reclaim space. Go To Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Storage > Manage Storage under Storage > You will see the Storage amount used by apps.

iPhone storage used by apps

You can either delete unused apps or delete & reinstall apps using more space like Gmail app, Yahoo mail app etc

Tip #2: Delete Photos from “Recently Deleted”. This might be obvious. Go To Photos > Recently Deleted Album > Delete All Photos & Videos

Tip #3: Try deleting Photos & Videos from Messages app and other apps like WhatsApp or other messaging apps.

These tips should help you solve the mystery around your iPhone/iPad Storage issues. Please Share your comments below.

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