How to fix Google Nexus 7 Sound or Volume not working


I got new Nexus 7 tablet finally. It feels good in my hand. As soon as I got it, I set it up few minutes. I wanted to see how the video plays on the Nexus 7 device. I played one of the YouTube videos on this new Nexus 7 tablet with jelly bean android os.

Video screen size looks good. I noticed sound is not working. If sound or volume is not working on your new Nexus 7 tablet, you have couple of options to try.

1. Make sure Nexus 7 is not in Silent Mode
a. Go to Apps > Settings > Tap on Sound
b. Tap on Volumes option as shown below

c. If media volume or notification volume settings are turned off or in silent mode, tap on the slide bar to change them

Try playing the video or music to see if you sound is working properly.

2. Reboot Nexus 7 tablet
If you are still having problem getting sound to work on Nexus 7, try turning off the Nexus 7 using side power button and turning it on again. Restarting Nexus 7 worked for me. That was strange I know.

3. If you installed any apps, check for them
If you installed sound related apps like muting the sounds etc, they might be interfering and causing sound not to work properly.

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2 thoughts on “How to fix Google Nexus 7 Sound or Volume not working

  1. Hi there,

    I just love your blog, since it covers most important issues of my newly bought Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone.

    I have another issue about sound (voice) and Nexus phone / tablet, but I was unable to contact you directly (contact form hangs forever on “please wait”), so I decided to write here.

    I would like to ask, if you have run into issue with Android 4.1 + TTS or if you heard about possible solution for it?

    Ever since my phone updated itself to 4.1, Google Navigation started to have TWO voice guadiances. First, standard one, with perfectly spoken (in my local langage), recorded phrases. And second one – TTS (Text-To-Speech) English voice trying to read every road it sees in navigation. Since I’m using it in Poland, with Polish language, the results of English TTS trying to read Polish road signs are quite poor.

    There is no way to turn it off. No option in Navigation, no in Speach / TTS settings. I can only change active TTS there (and since Google’s is the only one I have, I can’t change to anything else). No way to turn it off completely.

    Two voice guadiances speaking at the same time, with one being unable to say nearly anything in Polish correctly, renders Google Navigation completely useless for me.

    Have you ever heard about this or run into this issue and have some solution to it? The only reference to this issue, I found in the internet, is in CNET’s review (, which says (in fourth to end paragraph): “One side effect is that in Google Navigation, currently Jelly Bean uses TWO voices. The clean sweet voice, and the last robotic voice. It’s jarring at times, but still gets the job done. They really need to get the Google Now voice to be the only voice”.

    Thank you in advance,

  2. Hi
    I have a problem with the sound too.
    I have to turn off the tablet to have the sound back… What can I do ??
    Thx !

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