How to move Amazon Cloud Player mp3 songs to sd card on Galaxy S2/S3


Amazon Cloud Player is great for streaming music on your android phone. You can listen to songs anywhere without having to store them on your Phone or android tablet.

You can download all your mp3 songs to your android device like Galaxy S2, S3, Nexus 7 etc easily for playing offline. This is useful If you don’t have internet access or traveling etc.

Amazon Cloud Player downloads songs to phone memory. It does not give option to save songs to your SD card. If you have lot of songs and purchase songs regularly, Your android phone storage might nor be enough for you. You may want to move downloaded Amazon songs to your external SD card on your phone.

How to move Amazon mp3 songs to SD card
1. Download Amazon Cloud Player mp3 songs to your android device. You can also download songs to your computer using Amazon MP3 downloader and move them to SD card manually.

2. Download & Install ES File Explorer to your android device like Galaxy S2/S3 etc. If you have any other file explorers like ASTRO File Manager, It may work also.

3. Open ES File Explorer app and Go to /sdcard/amazonmp3. You will see your downloaded Amazon songs there.

4. Select the songs or albums you want to move to sd card, Long press on the items to get a menu and select copy to move them SD card.

Thats it. You have all your songs on your SD card now. You can move songs any android phone like Galaxy S, S2, S3, Droid Razr, Motorola Attrix etc or android tablet like Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note 2 etc with sd or microsd card.

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