Mouthwatering Black Friday Deals for Laptops and Smart Phones


black-fridayIt’s that time of the year. Black Friday is just a day away. So why not get a quicky quick sneak peek at the best gadgets deals available? Since we love everything about Web 2.0, we thought that we will give you a snap view at the two types of physical devices that make the most of Web 2.0 anyway- the smartphones and the laptops.

A. Smartphones: We will start with the Smartphones. The smartphones are raving up quite a deal and it will be but a matter of time when you will be spoilt for choice. (Well, if you are not already).

The best deals are coming on RIM. The Blackberry devices are available for just pies. Literally. Here is a quick look at some mouthwatering BlackBerry deals from some of the largest global retailers including Amazon and Best Buy.

Blackberry Curve: Free. Retailer: Best Buy. Comes with a new Sprint plan which costs a bit though!

Blackberry Curve 8900: 1 cent (unbelievable!), Retailer: Comes with a new At & T plan.

Blacberry Storm 2: $150. Retailer: Comes with a new Verizon service plan.


HTC Pure: 1 cent. Retailer: Comes with a new At & T service plan.

Motorola Cliq: $80. Retailer: Radio Shack. Comes with a new T-Mobile service plan.
How I wish I can get my hands on a free/1 cent iPhone 3Gs. But alas, no luck there…


B. Laptops:

Hmm, it’s the laptop time deals that cap Black Friday sales, even in the era of Smart Phones. Here is a quick look at some eye popping deals this year:

1. Sony Vaio (Model NW 235) Price: $399. Retailer: Best Buy Doorbuster

2. 10.1 inch Acre Netbook. Price: $199. Retailer: Office Depot

3. 15.6 inch eMachines laptop. Price: Price: $199. Retailer: Wal-Mart

For other gadgets, gizmos (and everything else under the sun) check out the biggies in the retail world, ransack the racks (virtual and physical) of Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, Best Buy, Office Depot and the amazing world of


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