How to find your lost or stolen Kindle Fire HD


Did you lose your Kindle Fire HD? Was it stolen? You may be able to locate your lost tablet If you had installed few android apps like Lookout Mobile Security etc. If you can’t locate your tablet, You need to deregister Kindle from your Amazon account to avoid any purchases.

Kindle Fire HD does not have any official app to find lost or stolen Kindle. If you installed tracking apps before you lost your android tablet, there is a chance you can locate your lost Kindle Fire.

How to locate lost or stolen Kindle Fire HD 7 or 8.9
If you don’t remeber installing any security apps or tracking apps, You can look at your Amazon account to see what apps are installed on your Kindle Fire. If you have any of below apps installed and configured, You can find it easily.

Lookout Mobile Security:
1. Lookout Mobile Security is a free android app protects your Kindle Fire from viruses and malware etc. It also has “Missing Device” feature. If you configured it, It displays your Kindle Fire HD location on a Google Map.

2. Go to LookOut login page to start locating your Kindle Fire tablet.

3. If you enabled Signal Flare option, You can find the last known location of Kindle Fire. This is useful If battery dies or Kindle is not connected to Internet via WiFi.

4. You can also make your Kindle Fire sound to find it If its near by or You lost it in the house.

1. SeekDroid is another android apps that lets you track your lost Kindle Fire device. It costs $4.99

2. This app lets you locate your lost tablet. You can remotely lock, send an alarm, wipe your tablet.

What to do If you can’t locate your Kindle Fire HD tablet
If you can’t locate or track your Kindle tablet, You need to deactivate Kindle Fire HD, deregister Kindle from your amazon account to avoid any fees to your Amazon account.

1. Go to Manage Your Kindle on Amazon Site and login with your Amazon account.

2. Click on “Manage Your Devices” link > Click on Deregister link to deregister your Kindle Fire Tablet.

3. You need to contact Amazon support to deactivate Kindle Fire and block it.

4. Ask Amazon for your Kindle Serial Number and file a police report If you want to.

5. You may want to remove your credit card information from Amazon account to be safe.

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