How to locate lost android phone or tablet using Android Device Manager for Galaxy S4, S3, Nexus 7 etc


Did you lose your android phone or tablet? Was it stolen or you just misplaced in your house? Good News, You might be able to locate your android device and find it on a Google Map easily.

Google has Android Device Manager now. It’s answer to Apple’s Find My iPhone service. There are popular android apps like Wheres My Droid, Android Lost, Lookout Security etc that already help you to find your lost android phone or tablet. But You needed to download and configure any of these services to find your android device. If you didn’t have them already installed on the android device, There was no way to find android device. That was past.

Google’s Android Device Manager lets you find android phone or tablet without any setup or configuration. You need to have your device turned on & connected to WiFi or Cellular data to to find it though. You can look at Google’s location history of your android device to find it if your device is turned off or battery dies.

Also, Google’s Android Device Manager works for all android phones & tablets including Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, S2, HTC One, Nexus 4, Moto X, LG Optimus Pro G, G2, Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Galaxy Note 2, Note 8, Note 10.1 etc.

How to find your lost android phone or tablet like Galaxy S4, S3, S2, Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab 2 etc

1. Go to Google’s Android Device Manager site and login with your Google account. You need to use the same you used on your lost android device.

2. It automatically tries to connect to your android device and finds it. It displays the address on the Google Map.

locate lost android phone ot tablet

3. If you know you lost your android device in your house or you know you are near your device but can’t see it, You can Ring your android device. Your android device rings for about 5 mins. If you find it, You can turn off Ring by pressing Power button.

ring android device to find

4. If you see “Location Unavailable” on the Android Device Manager site, Your phone might be tunred off or does not internet connection. You can retry again to find it clicking on “Locate this Device“.

locate android device using android device manager

5. If you still can’t find the android phone or tablet, You can check location history of your device. You might have turned off “Remotely locate this device” option on your device.

How to setup Google’s Android Device Manager to find android phone or tablet

1. On your android device, Go to Apps > Google Settings > Android Device Manager > Turn on Remotely locate this device.

You need to have “Access Location” turned on for Android Jelly Bean 4.1 or later android versions to turn on Remotely locate this device. Go to Apps > Google Settings > Location > “Access Location”. If you don’t see this option, You might be using earlier version of android like Ice Cream Sandwich etc.

remotely locate android device

If you turned off Remotely locate this device option, Android Device Manager won’t work. It seems It is turned on by default.

Samsung also has similar service called Find My Mobile to find lost Samsung phones like Galaxy S4, S3, Note 2, Note 8 etc

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