How to limit data usage of apps to wifi on android


Unlimited data plans are being replaced with tiered limited data plans. It is becoming necessary to monitor data usage on your mobile phones to avoid overage fees.

You watch netflix videos on your android phone. It consumes lot of bandwidth. You want to make sure you don’t want o use netflix with your cellular data as you reach your data limit easily.

If you are using android 4.0 (ICS) or later, you can limit data usage by checking “Set mobile data limit” setting. if you have older android os, you can limit cellular 3g/4g data usage using android app.

ICS also has option to block background data usage. This is a dangerous option. Apps may not work as intended if you use this option.

How to restrict data usage of specific apps to WiFi & disable cellular data
Suppose you want to restrict Netflix android app to WiFi only, How do you do that? Onavo is data usage monitoring app. This has option to restrict individual apps to WiFi only. You don’t need to turn off or disable cellular data. You can specify the apps you want to block.

credit:Google Play

Onovo has lot of other options to monitor data usage like setting monthly billing cycle, data limit etc. It works with android version 2.2 or later. As per Google Play reviews of this app, it works fine for Samsung Galaxy S, S2, Droid Razr, HTC sensation, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus, HTC desire etc

If an app has its own setting to limit data to wifi like iOS app for netflix, it is better to use that setting.

What android apps are you using to limit internet usage to wifi only? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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