Best iOS Apps To Remove Background in Photos & Create Transparent


You want to create transparent image by removing background from your photos. You want to create awesome YouTube Thumbnail image to get attention. There are lots of ios apps to do this. Find some of the best apps below.

You love magic wand tool in Desktop Photo apps like PhotoShop, Pixlr etc. What about magic wand tool in iOS apps that remove the background by selecting color? Yes you got it. You can use them on both iPhone and iPad.

1. Magic Eraser – Remove Photo Background & Create Transparent PNG

Magic Eraser iOS app lets you remove background and save the photo as png or jpg. It is free. This photo editing app is just for that basic function.

  • Magic Wand Tool – Removes similar color area automatically
  • Zoom in for fine pixel-level accuracy

magic eraser remove background in photo ios app

2. SuperImpose – Impose one Image onto another Image

SuperImpose lets SuperImpose one Image onto another one. It has masking and transform tools to remove colors and merge photos. It costs $1.99. This video explains how to use this app.

  • Load Background Image and Foreground Image
  • Using Masking Tool, remove unwanted portions of the photo
  • Using Smoothen Tool, smoothen edges

superimpose ios app to remove background photo

What is your favorite app to remove background from iOS Photos. Also read, How to fix iPhone Storage Full even after deleting all Photos and Videos.

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