6 Internet Explorer addons for Twitter


If you love twitter, these IE plugins make your experience even better.

Cloudberry Twitter Internet explorerplug-in will enable you to post tweets from the browser itself. With one click you can attach shorten URL of the page your viewing and post it in your Twitter account. You can also select the content in a web page and tweet it to your account or tweet it to your friends and followers. This IE plug-in will add short URLs of the source page using Chilp.it. This is free download, small file and quickly installs into the IE. Newer version of the Plug-in will support multiple Twitter accounts.

Share on Twitter – is an IE accelerator. Using this IE plug-in you can tweet selected text from the browser to your Twitter account and to your friends on Twitter. This is powerful Twitter plug-in for Internet explorer.

Tweet All About It - is a Twitter plug-in for Internet explorer and FireFox. You can download separate files for each of the browser. Using this plug-in you can tweet a selected text, news or article titles to your Twitter account or to your friends just by right clicking on the highlighted text and select Tweet all About It from the menu and your tweet will be posted automatically. Installing and using this plug-in is very simple.

MyTwitter Toolbar- By installing this Twitter toolbar you can do many functions like post the tweet directly by one click. Twitter toolbar has about 150 twitter tips that are useful for tweeting fast and do effective tweets. This toolbar supports Twitter tools, applications and resources. With only one click, you can share videos, photos, shorten URLs and expand shortened URLs. By using this toolbar, you can also stay updated with many other social networks.

Most Twittered Videos – This IE plug-in allows you to see the most popular videos links shared on the Twitter. You can sort the video links by the date and click on the video link to watch the video right from your browser.

Gathera - This IE plug-in allows you to manage all your online social networks in the IE sidebar. You can even manage your email accounts and any other online accounts using this plug-in. By using this plug-in, you can perform all the functions that you usually do in the Twitter web site. It is a great plug-in for IE you can now relax and check all the Social networks with just one click of the mouse.

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