How to install android apps on Windows 8 Surface Pro


Windows 8 is new OS. Windows App Store does not have many popular apps yet including Instagram, Viber, EverNote etc. You may want to install these popular apps and games on your Windows 8 touch screen laptop or tablet like Surface Pro, Ativ, Asus VivoTab, Iconia etc.

Android has more than 750000 apps and games now. It is easy to install apps or play android games on Windows 8. If you have newest surface pro tablet or any other windows 8 tablet, You can run android apps like Instagram, Temple Run 2, Tango, Pinterest, Flipboard etc.

How to install android apps on Windows 8 tablet
1. Download & Install BlueStacks on your Windows 8 tablet or Mac computer. It also works on Windows 7, Vista, XP.

2. Installation is straight forward. It will take few minutes to install it and download runtime data etc.

3. BlueStacks Program runs in the full screen mode. You can toggle it not to run in the Full Screen mode. You can install android apps without providing any other information. If you want to download android apps from Google Play Store, You need to add your Google account. You can add accounts under Settings.

4. You will get notifications about app installs etc in your Windows system tray.

5. You can also change individual apps display size to tablet or default depending on where you are using BlueStacks program.

6. You can download & install Kids android apps or games on your Windows 8 tablet. You will have lot of options for drawing etc that will use touch screen etc.

7. You can install android apps from multiple App Stores like Get Jar, 1 Mobile, Amazon App Store, Google Play Store etc.

Unfortunately, BlueStacks does not work on Windows 8 RT like Surface RT tablets. Not sure If it will be supported in the future as Windows RT runs on ARM processors.

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