How to import VCF to Windows Phone 8 like Lumia 920, HTC 8X etc


You got a new Windows Phone like Nokia Lumia 920 or HTC 8X etc. You may want to transfer all your contacts to your Windows Phone. You exported all your contacts from your old phone or computer to VCF file. The big question is – can you import vcf file to Windows Phone 8?

If you try to send this VCF file to Windows Phone 8 via Bluetooth or email attachment and open it on your Windows Phone, Windows Phone does not import it. It displays error like Can’t read vCard, This vCard uses a format we’re not able to read.

How to import VCF/vCard to Windows Phone 8 like Lumia 920
Windows Phone does not have any way to import vcf file directly. You can explore other options like Transferring contacts via Bluetooth, Importing contacts from Android/iPhone/GMail etc.

If you really want to get contacts using VCF file you have, You can import VCF file to your Gmail account and sync Google account to Windows Phone.

How to import VCF to Gmail & Sync to Windows Phone 8
1. On your computer browser, Login to your Google Gmail account and Go to Contacts by clicking on the arrow next to word Gmail as shown below.

2. Click on More > Import Contacts > Select VCF file to import. Thats it. All your contacts will be imported to Gmail account.

3. On your Windows Phone, You can add this Gmail account. Your contacts will be synced to your Windows Phone.

How to convert VCF to CSV and import to Windows Phone 8
You can import contacts to Microsoft account using a CSV file. You need to convert VCF to CSV first. You can do this using any online converter. If you don’t want to upload contacts to third party sites, You can import it to Google account and export it as CSV file. Read this post to import contacts to Microsoft account.


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