How to import contacts to Nexus 7


You finally got your new Nexus 7 tablet. You can import contacts to your Nexus 7 tablet easily. You will have contacts handy on your tablet if you want to make calls from Nexus 7 or for reference.

If you are new to android ecosystem or are already using android phones, Google gmail account can be used for holding contacts. You can import or export contact from and to Google account. If you use the same Google account on your tablet, your contacts are synced to your tablet.

You need to export contacts to a vCard file. If your contacts are in iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry or email accounts like Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook etc, You can export contacts to vCard file easily. Most phones or email accounts provide a way for exporting catacts to vCard file. Read how to export contacts to vCard.

After you export your contacts to vCard file, Copy the file to Nexus 7 tablet using computer. You can copy it root of the Nexus 7 tablet. You can also email vCard file to your email account & download the attachment on your Nexus 7 tablet.

On Nexus 7 tablet, Go to All Apps > People application > Menu > Tap on Import/Export > Import from Storage option.

It searches for vCard file & imports contacts into Nexus 7. Thats it. Your contacts will be available for apps like Skype, Talktone etc.

You can also import vCard file into Google gmail account as described here. Your contacts will be synced to Nexus 7 if you use same Google account on Nexus 7.

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