How to Download Background Audio to iMovie iOS App from YouTube Audio Library & Sound Effects


iMovie iOS app is one of the easiest and best movie making apps out there. I use it for YouTube videos. But It’s Sound Effects and Theme Music library is limited and you might be looking for more sound effects and background audio for your videos.

YouTube has free audio library that includes Background Audio & Sound Effects for YouTube Creators. You can use it for free in your YouTube videos. Music is categorized into Genres like HipHop, Childrens, Holidays etc. It has some vocal music too. How can you use YouTube Audio Library in iMovie iOS app?

How to download YouTube Audio Library and Sound Effects to iMovie iOS app

It is a manual process. You don’t have any tool to download whole YouTube Creators audio library to iMovie. You need to download individual background audio tracks from YouTube and add them to iMovie app.

Step 1: On Your Computer, Go to YouTube Audio Library to download free background music and sound effects. You need to sign into YouTube. I tried to access this from my iPhone but Its hard even after accessing “Request Desktop Site”.

Step 2: Search or Select the background music you want to download. Click Download.

download YouTube background music and sound effects

Step 3: Email the downloaded music mp3 track to yourself from Computer.

Step 4: On Your iPhone or iPad, Open Your Email and Click on the MP3 track. iPhone opens the track like the image below.

open youtube background music on iPhone

Step 5: Tap on Sharing icon and Tap on Import with iMovie to import into iMovie.

import background music into iMovie ios app

Step 6: Select the iMovie Project to import the audio clip.

It is also saved to Imported List under iMovie Audio. You can also reuse the same background audio again in another iMovie Project. From iMovie Project, Tap on + sign > Audio > Imported > Select the track.

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