How to Update Unknown Music Album Info using Windows Media Player


windows-media-player-logoMost of us like to listen to various kinds of music from different kinds of albums. Normally we do have a large collection of music on our hard drive. It will be easy to find a particular file from the collection if we know the name of the album and the track. But not all the tracks and albums have updated album information. Using Windows Media player you can easily update the album information of any unknown albums or tracks present in your collection.

Below is the process by which you can update album info easily

1) First update all the music files and albums in Windows Media player library from your computer.

2) Go to the media library screen, in this screen you can see all the music files in a chronological order.

3) Now scroll down till you find songs titled unknown, or albums with unknown information.


4) Select a track or album that you want to update and right click on it.

5) From the menu choose Find the Album info option and click on it.

6) Based on the traces of information available, Windows Media player will search for relevant information like artist name, album title and other information and display on the screen.


7) From the give options select most relevant option and click on finish when done.

You can apply the above process to update entire album if you know that all the tracks present in that album share same information.


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