How to Tweet From Your Android Phone


Now a day’s more and more people are using Twitter as a part of social network most often, every Twitter user wants to post a tweet now and then. However, there poses a problem when a user is on move or not able to access a computer, this is not a problem anymore if you own an Android phone. There are few but powerful Twitter clients available for Android phones that enables you to do all the actions that you usually perform from home or office computer not only that these clients hold many special features which are not available on computer. Let us take a brief look on few of these Android Twitter clients.

TwidRoid this is one the powerful application for Twitter on Android mobiles loaded with tons of features still very easy to use and has user- friendly interface. You can directly tweet from your phone and follow users of your choose. Here in are some of the features that are available in TwidRoid. You can directly send messages to your friends and followers give replies to the postings and directly post a tweet in the Twitter website. You can view detailed information about a user and have an option of follow or unfollow a user just by single click. All the operation is done securely via SSL, you have the option to use or Twitter compatible APIs. You can directly post a photo from your cam or memory card using this application. TwidRoid uses the GPS location of your phone to post your location in Twitter you can even search for the people who are neat to you using this application. You get notifications and alerts when you receive a direct message or replies to your tweets. This application integrates with your browser making navigation easy. Overall, this application has got all the features necessary for a Twitter.


Twitli is another Twitter Client for Android mobiles this application is the most loving Twitter client among all available Twitter clients for Android phones. This application as got many number of features and designed in such a way that a common user can also easily use this application. Developers kept only few buttons on the screen, however, user can access all the features that he want to perform by just clicking on a user name. After clicking on a user name all the features that are required by the user appear on the screen. You can send direct messages to the users and even send @reply messages to any of your followers or you follow. You can view separate timeline for public, yours and followers. You can choose to follow or unfollow a user by one click and there is feature where you can translate tweets (only if the translation feature is on) and you can update tweets based on your location using the GPS feature of your phone. Just with one click you can follow a person, this is the most interesting feature of Twitter. You can upload photos to Flickr or tweet your image using this application.


TwitterDroid is one another Twitter application for Android phones. This application is still an Alpha release but still holds all the essential features and extra features required for ultra Twitter experience. You can save your Twitter preferences after you have logged into your Twitter account with this application. You can select how many tweets need to appear on a page. Like the above applications TwitterDroid has got some of the most interesting features, using this you can do heavy Twitting.

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