How to Stream Video from VLC Media Player


vlc_logoVLC media player is one of the best media player that you can find today. It is an open source and free application which can play virtually any video and audio formats. Unlike other media players VLC also allows you to stream media over network.

To know how to stream video using VLC media player follow the instructions below. It is very easy to setup and stream video in minutes.

1) Open VLC media player from Start –> All Programs –> VLC media player.(Download and install VLC media player if you do not have it already)

2) Now VLC will launch, in that click on File menu and select Wizard to open the file or disc by clicking on the browse button in the dialog box.

3) Browse to the folder where you have saved the file or browse to the disc and double click on the audio or video file.

4) Check the Stream/Save option present at the bottom left corner of the window. Now click on the settings button.

5) Now you need to set Stream output settings in this dialog box. Check Play locally option if you want it to play on the computer on which you are setting. Or click on the UDP box and enter the IP address of the computer to which you want to stream the media. Enter the Port value as 1234.

6) When you are done with the above steps click on the OK button to return to file open dialog box.

7) Click ok again to close the file open dialog and start streaming the media.

8) Visit the other computer to which you are streaming media and install VLC media player if it do not have already.

9) To view streaming media on other computer, click on File menu and select Open Network Stream and click ok button without changing any settings.


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