How to Shut Down Your Computer Automatically When the Music is Finished


nighttunes-thumbnail1Many of us has this habit of listening to great music, to relax and refresh our minds and bodies just before going off to sleep. However, the computer remains running. Who wants to wake up just for the sake of shutting down a computer when the music has already lulled him/her towards a peaceful slumber. For people like these (us), NightTunes is the idea.

Just get the intuitive Night Tunes plug in for iTunes, select/create a playlist (say, for example, “Dreamz”) (not a particular length of time) and then select form the NightTunes options (Standby, Hibernate and Turn Off).

using nighttunes

There are two plug ins available for Night Tunes –Lite and Pro. Both allow shutting it off . However, Pro has some other features (not really necessary though).

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you need to switch off the repeat and/or shuffle buttons on your player.


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