How to Remove esnips Toolbar and Search Engine


Update: If you are still having problems with esnips toolbar or esnips search engine after trying below things, you can install another toolbar like Yahoo Toolbar or Ask Toolbar and uninstall it again. This may solve your problem. Thanks to Unus for this suggestion in the comments.

esnips-logoEsnips is one of the popular file sharing services available on the web. In order to download files from esnips, you need to download the ‘esnips downloader‘ software. This software by default changes the default search engine in all your web browsers (Firefox, Chrome etc.,) which is annoying and it slows down your system performance.

In order to completely remove the esnips software and toolbar, you can un-install the esnips download software from your system control panel. And, in un-install the ‘esnips downloader extension‘ if you are using Mozilla Firefox.


In order to remove the esnips search engine from your web browser, if you are using Mozilla Firefox, in the browser address bar -> type about:config and search for esnips.


And them, right click on alluser set‘ under the ‘status’ column and click on reset (as in the following image).


Once you change the above values to default, the default search engine will be restored in your browser. To sum up, if you feel that the esnips toolbar and search engine are annoying then, uninstall the enips downloader software from your control, uninstall the esnips toolbar from your web browser and restore the enips search engine in your web browser to default.


23 thoughts on “How to Remove esnips Toolbar and Search Engine

  1. I tried modifying mozilla configuration but that doesn’t work. Moreover there is no trace of esnip toolbar or any relevant software installed in my PC. Please help

  2. I was also having the same problem. But now i fixed it by another way.
    Install ASk tool bar in mozila. Once you install, the home page will be changed to ASk search page. Now uninstall ASK tool bar from the system. Finally change the home page of mozila to the default.

    If it works, kindly send me a mail to
    unusmisc attherate gmail dot com

  3. i don’t have the toolbar or the firefox add-on, i haven’t even installed the esnips downloader….but it is in my firefox since i updated it from v3.6 to v8.0.1 …..i reset all the values in “about:config”, but it comes back as soon as i restart firefox. there’s no registry entry either or any hidden system folder that contains matching ‘esnips’. wth is wrong….?

  4. eSnips is really annoying me. I’ve tried numerous things, from uninstall programs to going to about:config, and NOTHING works. It’s nowhere to be found. I even tried uninstalling and re-installing Google Chrome, and it’s still there! Why is it doing this?

  5. this is ridiculous none of the things i have tried have worked im so pissed off and clearly all the “solutions” don’t work somone help me on firfox my search engine says Google (By Genieo) and i dont want that F***ing Genieo in my search bar and when ever i search something esnips gives me a nunch of s**** links that are not what im looking for please help me and all of these people that are suffering like i am

  6. A Few Comments

    1) None of the methods above will remove the esnips tools from firefox. As far as I can tell, the only way to do this is to copy over their toolbar with a different toolbar add-on which *CAN* can be removed normally (not that you really want ANY of the bloody things) and then remove the new toolbar. These nasty buggers re-write your desired (specified by you) home page, in a non-standard manner – where you can still see the one you specified in the browser’s setup options, but it is not the one that loads when a new tab opens unless you hit the [home] button.

    There are a small number of these toolbar addons for firefox (and other browsers) which are created in a manner that makes them very hard to remove. They have no ‘remove’ option on the add-ons list for firefox, and you cannot really disable them either. This is unethical behavior and speaks volumes (all bad) about the people in charge of the esnips company and others like them. It essentially makes their add-on a form of ‘malware’.

    I worked in the software industry (in every aspect of it) for many years, from the startup phase to senior positions. Nobody I worked for would ever do a thing like that. In many software businesses just bringing up the very idea of that sort of software, which takes over and cannot be removed easily (as a marketing ploy) will get you sternly warned (or just fired).

    These things do not include a normal means of removing them. They often rewrite the homepage you have specified in the browser software, using a means that is outside of the normal ones (ie, although your OPTIONS still show your specified homepage, that is not the one that comes up when you open a new tab). You can’t remove them by resetting a few values in options, neither can the setting be found (and then removed) in the system registry. As a person who worked in the software industry for many years, I state strongly that this is a SERIOUSLY NASTY PRACTICE. No software developer with ANY ETHICS will ever do a thing this unethical.


    Esnips does this to people who just want a file that has been parked on their system. The users have no idea that the [download] button with change their browser functionality in a way very hard to fix. The companies who park files on their web site are very probably unaware of their business practices. If you are directed to esnips to get a file, complain to the company who parked the file there and tell them why.


    I was (in fact) directed to esnips by a hardware vendor (ASTONE, who make media devices) to get a firmware update. The file was not actually there, or at least only a few people managed to get the link to work. All that I got was an add-on I did not want. I went back to the esnips page to try and get the file I got the manager program, and it downloaded an image of a metal cylinder. Not everybody had this experience but some people did. This indicated to me that their software is not only ‘malware’ but it is not very good either.

    Many people were unable to get the file. I think (am guessing here) that perhaps their site is badly written, and that ALSO their servers are overloaded and they are not hosted at a site that deals with that issue correctly (with a smart switch). This can result in pages appearing to be fully loaded when they are not, and/or not working predictably. A smart switch is often able to redirect users in search of a page, to different server software on a different machine (seamlessly) which yields a web page telling them that the web site has too many users at the moment.


    It is obvious to me that esnips, which is often used by hardware and software vendors to post updates, is not a trustworthy company and everybody should avoid them. The same is true for every other add-on to browsers, which inflicts an unwanted and hard to remove software change on people.


    Vote with your feet, very loudly, complain, blog, AIR THE TRUTH…blacken their name on facebook with the truth about this add-on and their ongoing actions. Make the world aware of their behavior by telling the truth. The truth is nasty enough in and of itself. There is no reason to do more than that. Just use all the social networking site you can think of …twitter (etc) to bitch about your experience.

    People continue to do crap because those it happens to do not complain enough to make them look bad for doing it. You need to hit them in their wallet for them to care. They will do this only as long as they can get away with it and still make a profit on their web site. When businesses get wind of them, and stop using them for software updates, they will either go under or they will stop doing it.

    If you let the world know just how unethically a company is acting, they often stop. Think of all the times that GEOCITIES tried to inflict a rather inappropriate user agreement on people (they did things like claiming sole ownership and copyright of all the material posted on their site…until the whole world turned against them very vocally).

    …that’s my opinion

  7. I reset my home pages manually, then looked in about:config, couldn’t find any reference to esnips but saw something fishy-looking called “mytools.” I reset the “mytools” references. It might work.

  8. hey, i’m really pissed about this whole thing. i’m glad i found something on how to get rid of it, but how do i do this for a mac? any help would be great thx

  9. To anyone who uses Chrome.
    I had the same problem with others on the site; I followed the steps above and it wouldn’t go away. However, I have managed to remove eSnips as my default search engine and have managed to go back to Chrome. To remove it, I firstly opened up Chrome and clicked on the toolbar option (top right of the screen; the little spanner icon). I then went to options, and on the “Basics” tab, I went down to search. There should be a button saying “Manage search engines…”, click on it. This will list all of your search engines. In the default search engines box, there will be two engines: Google and another with toolbar in the name. The toolbar is the eSnips toolbar. All you have to do is hover over the Google one, and click make it default ( it should be at the end of the line). I then hovered over the toolbar one and deleted it by pressing the small black cross. Try searching in the toolbar and (hopefully) it will be gone. :)

  10. How can I uninstall snips toolbar from Safari I try installing yahoo toolbar but it says: Yahoo! Toolbar is currently unavailable on this browser. I try installing other toolbars but it is the same thing.

  11. ESNIPS SUCKS!!!!! DAMN YOU and nothing helps, it still puts itself as home page and I have no idea what i got it with, it just appeared one day!!

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