How to Reduce the Size of PDF Files


reducing-pdf-filesYou need PDF files all the time. However, the things with PDF files are that they are often huge (and hence cumbersome), especially for sending for personal purpose, like via an IM or something like that.
Now the thing is that though PDF is real handy, there is a lot of staff that goes behind the making of a PDF file. Like a large index of staff-bookmarks, annotation, not to mention the extra updation index every time you upgrade a PDF file.

So what are the way outs? Oho, well, before we go into further details and tricks-you need a PDF editor to access most of these tips.

1. Use “Save As” instead of “Save”: That looks like a tiny tweak, but does reduce the file size quite considerably. That is because unlike the “Save” feature, the “Save As” feature rewrites a file completely and hence saves a lot of space.


2. Shrink Images: That is one obvious way of shortening the file size. You can do that without losing the granular qualities (considerably) by the following method:
Select the Edit Text & Images tool (Ctrl+E). Double-click the image then. Then choose the down-sampling level of images from the format ribbon tab.

3. Remove objects with the PDF Editor: Remove the space consuming objects like ncluding bookmarks, links, annotations, form fields, JavaScript, Named Destinations and embedded fonts from your PDF file with a PDF Editor. Open the PDF file, go to the optimizer , choose the removable objects and click.

4. Using PDF Compressor: This tool allows to compress the PDF file to its lowest possible level by using Flate or RunLength compression algorithm.

5. Managing Graphics: Like Images, graphics comprise a lot of space. Try to select vector based graphics rather than GIF based ones. Then use the PDF optimizer to select compression option for color, grayscale and monochrome images.

6. Other: Use the RGB space rather than the CMYK color space as the former has one less channel. And try to keep the number of fonts as less possible.

Finally, how much can you reduce the size? Well, a 6 MB file can be compressed to 49 KB.


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