How to reduce Fan Speed and Noise in computer


cpu-fanYou might be noted that your CPU makes lot of noise when you are using programs that demand high CPU usage or when the temperature in the CPU case is raised. It is very disturbing to work on the computer that makes lot of noise and it is very difficult to concentrate on the work. There are various ways to cut down the noise of the computer. Major culprit that makes most of the noise in the computer case are the fans like CPU fans, VGA fan, Video card fan, power fan and any other fans present in the computer case. You can try installing some of the software that allows you to set the fan speed manually or consider other tips mentioned herein.

Speedfan – this is the application everyone will look for to monitor computer hardware and check the CPU fan speed. Speedfan will monitor voltages, temperature and fan speeds of different hardware components in the computer. If your computer supports S.M.A.R.T then Speedfan can gain access to this information to show the hard disk temperature and will show the results given by other digital temperature sensors. Fan speeds are controlled by the PWM; Speedfan can handle any number of PWMs to regulate the fan speed according to your use.

You can predefine the fan speed using this software so that your system fan can maintainĀ an optimum temperature throughout. This software ensures that your system fan do not make excess noise while operation. Make sure that you do not decrease fan speed to much, which may cause your system to overheat any ways Speedfan will warn you if the temperature reaches critical range.

Features of Speedfan are it can control South Bridges, monitor hardware chips, show temperature readings and voltage readings, control various fans and show there speed-readings. To check if your system supports this software, your system is compatible with S.M.A.R.T, or your system fan speed can be controlled, first disconnect the power supply to the computer, open the computer case, and see if your system fan has three or four wires. If your system fan has three or four wires then your system and your system, fan supports this software and you can control fan speed using Speedfan.


Hardware Monitor – This software is for Mac computer. Using this software, you can monitor different hardware components of your computer. This application will show you the temperature readings from various digital temperature sensors and show you the voltage readings and Fan speeds. By looking at various readings, you can adjust your use accordingly.

Other Tips to reduce noise of your computer:

Most of the modern computer comes with inbuilt sensors that enables user to control certain hardware components. You can look in the BIOS screen, to access BIOS screen press the key or key combination during the system start up. Different manufactures use different keys to enter BIOS screen. In the BIOS screen go to power option in that screen you can see the system temperature and system fan speed. Some manufactures allow you to set the system fan speed and critical temperature.

Try installing a larger fan, which will rotate in low speed but provide the same kind of cooling effect without making any excess noise. A 60mm fan rotates faster to reduce the heat while an 80mm fan rotates slower still producing the same results as 60mm fan with low noise.

If you have installed any extra fans in the computer, try removing those fans. Do not install extra fans instead move your computer to a cooler area in the room this will do the work.

Due to days of usage, bearings in the fan may ware out and may cause excess sound, for this kind of problem, replacing the system fan with a good quality system fan is the only option. Try installing a good quality heat shrink also for better results.


3 thoughts on “How to reduce Fan Speed and Noise in computer

  1. Great article! I’ve been using Speedfan for a while, and it runs so invisibly that I forgot I had it until I saw your article. You covered it thoroughly. For anyone new to it, one thing to consider, under Configure > Options, is to set your fans to go to 100% if the program exits. I’d hate to have the program exit when the fan speeds were set low, and then have my system overheat. The one drawback to that is that your fans run at 100% during bootup and shutdown, but it is a minor annoyance.

  2. I was having this weird problem of overheating. My Fan speed somehow always stayed to low when it was supposed to be on high and now with Speedfan i got it fixed. Thanks!

  3. I bought lenevo Ideapad..It is small laptop but its fan make noise like jet ….man it gets me crazy..i am sure this speedfan app will help.


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