How to Play Drums on your Keyboard


drums_setYou can turn your computer into a multi-purpose musical instrument. Playing drums using your computer keyboard is fun and you can choose your own drum set that you want and play. There are several free and cost effective programs like WinPdrums, Beat Craft, iDrum, etc., available using which you can enjoy playing drums on your keyboard. There are also online programs available for playing drums and other musical instruments on your computer.

You can also use these programs to play and record sounds for concerts and to compose music for your own album. Sounds produced by these programs are very realistic and there are many options to choose from. Although playing drums using keyboard may not give you the realistic feel but produces same effect and feel.


Choose a program you like and start practicing playing drums on it. Many programs allow you to set drums in the way you desire. After choosing the drums you want to include in a set, check which key on the keyboard represents which sound on the set.

Now practice playing some simple notes until you feel that you are comfortable with all the keys and drums. Many programs come with online or included tutorial to help you learn different aspects of the program. Virtually you can play drums much faster and effective then you actually play them on real set. All that you need is some practice and concentration.

Getting familiar with the music instrument will not produce good music. You should also train your ears even, to look for the notes and rhythm in the sounds played. Practice different kinds of music like Jazz, salsa, mambo, rock, etc., using the virtual drum set. Using virtual drum set you can even play much better then what you can on the real set. Take help of your friend to play extra key while you play the keys to keep continuity in the music.


There is also a good online application Ron Winter where you can play drum using your keyboard. No need of installing any software on your computer and it is completely free to use. The user interface is very simple and easy to understand. You can use both the mouse and keyboard to play sounds, click the keys on the screen or press any corresponding keys shown on the screen to play the sound.

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