How to Merge mp3 Files


mp3_file_logoIf you are looking for a way to enjoy continuous music without gaps in-between tracks or want to join separate tracks of audio book into one such that you can listen to the tracks without any break. You can do this by merging or joining multiple mp3 files into one large file using special software’s like Merge mp3, Audacity, etc.

Joining multiple tracks into one big file does not change the sound quality in any way all that these software’s do is merge files without leaving a gap in-between them. This sounds great if you want to party with sound without any gaps. You can choose to merge any number of tracks of any length and size using these applications. Here are some of the best applications that you can use to merge multiple mp3 files into one large file.

Merge Mp3

This is one of the popular and widely used application to join multiple mp3 files into one large file. Merge Mp3 is a small and portable application so you can use it without installing on to your computer. Using this application does not interfere with the sound quality of your music collection in anyway. All that you need to do to merge mp3 files is download this application and double click on the .exe file to launch it.


The user interface of this application is very simple, navigate to the mp3 files or just drag and drop mp3 that you like to merge into the application. Then choose a target folder in which you want to save merged file, you can also add ID3 tag and other information about the album, etc. Now the application is ready to merge select mp3 tracks into one big file.



Audacity is another popular audio tool that you used to edit, record, join or split audio files. This is one neat application to work with audio files easily and quickly. As it is a cross-platform and free application, it provides you complete freedom. This application is no less than any professional audio tool, it helps you to convert audio file format, bit rate and other qualities to enhance the sound quality of the files you want to merge. Using this application you can also add live audio through microphone or line-in to your sound files.


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